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Dear yarn lover,

Wholesale yarn store is a mass yarn outlet, and a large scale yarn shop that carry a wide range of knitting yarn. Wholesale yarn store is a family business that sells yarn comprehensively since 1974, and our yarn is wide spread   More than 20,000 different kind of yarns are sold through our Wholesale yarn store on daily bases and online with the best discount yarn offers in the whole market. Our online yarn store presents high quantity of yarn that helps our customers and lots of knitters and mainly our knitting yarn stores and knitting yarn shops to shop wholesale yarn easily, and order their knitting yarn online from their convienience.

Wholesale Yarn Store offers you a warm welcome. We are confident that our service will exceed your expectations. At Wholesale Yarn Store, you or your knitting yarn shops will easily find, review, compare, spin, blend, price, order & buy the best knitting yarn, fabric and textile at low cost straight from its’ source.

It is your one wholesale yarn stop Factory Store.

Wholesale Yarn Store mission to do the market research, reviews and comparison in order to find top quality yarns and textiles with certified international standards at exclusive factory prices to expediently delivered to your door.

Wholesale Yarn Store is the place to go with confident and peace of mind. We look forward to saving you both time & money.

As knitting yarn shops and textile representative, buying agent, importer, exporter and inspection agency we follow the below procedures to serve you or your business needs for knitting yarn and textile in a professional and comprehensive manner.

Wholesale yarn store Quality Assurance Procedures 

  • Conduct Pre-Production Meeting with vendors
  • Track fabric status and verify quality
  • Review production planning and monitor production status
  • Carry out quality audit as per buyers requirements
  • Submission of forms and reports
Wholesale yarn store Laboratory Tests Include:
  • Count of yarn
  • Fiber composition
  • Density per inch
  • Light fastness
  • Weight per square meter
  • Shrinkage after one/three wash
  • Wash fastness
  • Tensile strength
  • And many more depending upon the customers requirements
Wholesale Yarn Store Quality Assurance Management
  • Factory Evaluation and Compliance Audit
Prior to developing any business relationship with a potential supplier, C&W Enterprise team will conduct a Factory Evaluation to assess the factory’s physical facilities as well as their quality performance. The Compliance team will then audit a factory that satisfies all requirements. General outlines of the audit are as follows:
  • Good factory setup
  • Condition and suitability of equipment
  • Quality conformance and technical competency
  • Safe and healthy workplace
  • Child Labour
  • Forced or involuntary labour
  • Disciplinary practice
  • Non-discrimination
  • Working hours and overtime
  • Fair wages
Quality AuditPre-Production Stage
  • Fabric Inspection Procedure
  • Fabric and garment Performance Testing
  • Preparation of Inspection
  • Pre-Production Meeting
Work In Progress
  • Initial Inspection (1st inline inspection)
  • DurPro Inspection (subsequent inline inspection)
Prior To Shipment
  • Final Random Inspection

Wholesale Yarn Store Sourcing

Proper sourcing is the key to success in imports from anywhere. In order to execute a purchase order for you, it is vital to select the prime vendor who would fulfill your needs.The ability of a factory to produce your product at a given price is of great importance. At times we will refrain from accepting inquiries which are non-compatible to any vendor abilities.Some of our sourcing prerequisites include:

  • Financial strength
  • Technical abilities
  • Factory layout, equipment. personnel and productivity
  • Sample room
  • Quota holdings/performance
  • Vendor's strength and reputation in dealing with customers based on years of experience and interaction

Again we welcome you as a knitter or your knitting yarn shops at wholesale yarn store and we will be glad to provide you with our wide knitting yarn collection, and with discount yarn prices.

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